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Persomed develops an innovative, personalized vaccine against colon cancer

An affordable vaccine that is widely deployable

A subsidy of 2 million euro

The Flemish Government and VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) fully support the ICON project.

Persomed consortium

The ICON project is executed by the Persomed consortium, which consist of myNEO, QbD, Antleron and VUB.

Realizing a breakthrough

The development of an effective personalized colorectal cancer vaccine which can be widely deployed.

"The ICON project reflects a thirst for innovation and offers a significant potential for curing cancer."

- Hilde Crevits, Flemish minister van Innovation.

Further developing and refining personalized cell therapy

Persomed further builds on the vaccine which has already been developed to the needs of individual patients with advanced colorectal cancer. Through the ICON project, the cell therapy is further developed and refined towards an effective, safe, affordable vaccine which can be produced on a larger scale following a standardized approach. It concerns the development of a personalized vaccine platform for the treatment of different cancer types.

Pathway to official registration for widespread use


2023 - 2024


Ready to enter the clinical phase

Executing Phase I Trial CRC

Phase II Trial CRC and extrapolation to other cancer types

One project, four pairs of shoulders

Cancer cells develop from normal cells through accumulations of mutations in the genome. These mutations are cancer specific and differ from patient to patient. Some of these mutations, giving rise to epitopes, hold the key as they can be recognized as foreign by the immune system.

The four partners of Persomed with various expertise’s will identify and isolate these patient-specific immune-activating epitopes in favor of a targeted treatment:

"The Persomed partners are absolutely convinced that more personalized therapies potentially enable to put a stop to this disease."

- Bart Van Acker, CEO QbD

Personalized vaccine

The immune-activating dendritic cells of every individual patient, stimulate the immune system like a vaccine.

Widely deployable

This personalised therapy potentially enables to put a stop to colorectal cancer and make it widely deployable

More effective than chemo

Today's one-size-fits-all therapies are no longer sufficient for large groups of patients. Personalized therapies are inherently more effective in putting a stop to the disease.

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