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Lien Lybaert will take up this role, next to her function at myNEO, to further fulfill Persomed’s goals and boost its growth. Lien has been involved in Persomed since 2019 as operational manager. Last year, she took a more coordinative role and has supervised Persomed on management level as well. Together with #TeamPersomed and partners, Lien is now in contact with multiple corporate investors and risk capital funds and due diligence is ongoing. We aim to close the Series A investment round by the end of Q1 2023.

“I am honoured and excited to be able to contribute to such an ambitious and innovative project. I find the multidisciplinary expertise of Persomed and its partners very inspiring. #Personalized#immunotherapy has a huge potential especially for cancer patients that do not have an intrinsically activated immune system. The Persomed technology has the potential to provide benefit for these patients where the current (immuno)therapies are failing. I am very hopeful for the future and I will do my utmost best to push Persomed further into the next, exciting phase”

Together we achieve more! 💪 Persomed's operational expert team – Lorenzo, Magali, Dorien and Asma – has gone the extra mile (and far beyond) to achieve our goal of ‘bringing personalized vaccination closer to the patient’.

Persomed's #mRNA#dendriticcell#vaccine production process is the result of an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, vision, and passion for science.

Together, they have researched and developed the vaccine manufacturing process which has led to:

✅ GMP manufacturing license

✅ FAMHP facility and clinical trial approval

✅ Ethical committee approval of UZA

#TeamPersomed is ready to start the clinical phase and we are very hopeful and ambitious for the future. Let’s continue our innovative journey together!

Persomed has partnered up with QbD, myNEO, VUB, and UZA to further persue its primary goal: bringing personalized cancer vaccines closer to every patient.

Together we aim to validate the current Persomed Tetramix-DC-NEO technology platform in a first clinical phase I study in mMSS-CRC patients and, in parallel, we will continue to strive to develop a robust automated and digitally supported workflow for personalized cancer vaccine production building on the expertise and interest of the different partners.

In June, the PSM-CRC project concept was successfully defended by Lien Lybaert, Martijn Reniers, Bert Coessens, Kris Thielemans and Timon Vandamme in front of the jury.

Last month the full proposal was submitted. The next and last hurdle will be the defense in front of the VLAIO jury beginning of November to hopefully receive approval by the end of this year.

Fingers crossed!

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