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The road to personalized vaccines

The number of cancer patients continues to increase


Despite the enormous progress that medicine has already made, it still has a limited grip on cancer.


According to statistics, the disease is responsible for 19 percent of deaths in the EU, and this figure continues to rise. This makes cancer the second most frequent cause of death, after cardiovascular diseases.

The current "one size fits all" therapies are no longer sufficient

The Persomed partners are firmly convinced that more personalized therapies are the way to stop this disease. The personalized vaccines that have been developed so far are for many reasons difficult to be affordably used on a large scale.


That is why Persomed has set that exact goal from the start of the collaboration. Today we have the cornerstone of a vaccine that has proven its efficacy and that will be widely deployable soon.

'Reprogramming' patients' blood cells in the lab

The immune activating dendritic cells, produced based on the individual genetic mutations, stimulate the immune system like a vaccine.


This process must be repeated for each patient to deliver the personalized cell therapy.


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