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Ready to start our first clinical trial to validate the Tetramix-DC-NEO platform

Time for an update! Since the incorporation of Persomed as a VOF in 2020, important steps have been taken to be ready to start the #clinical phase to test the Tetramix-DC-NEO vaccine technology platform.

The Tetramix-DC-NEO vaccine consists of an autologous #dendriticcell #vaccine co-electroporated with neoantigen encoding mRNA and Tetramix mRNA, a potent adjuvant. Much effort has been and continues to be put into designing a logistically feasible process with limited vein-to-vein time.

Persomed has now optimized the technology platform together with its partners myNEO immunotherapy platform, QbD Group, Antleron and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. This has led to obtaining all necessary regulatory approvals to start our first clinical pathway.

The first clinical trial, conducted at UZA, will involve the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in combination with standard-of-care.

Persomed is currently pursuing a Series A investment to obtain sufficient funding:

✅ to conduct the Phase I clinical trial to validate the platform and pave the way for other difficult-to-treat indications

✅ to continue the R&D of a logistically feasible and marketable manufacturing process

✅ to further grow Persomed at the operational and management level

✅ to prepare for a tech-transfer to an independent manufacturing facility

Persomed is targeting a first-patient-in by Q1 2023. Stay tuned!


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